Who uses Ethereum?

Ethereum is solving real-world problems and still more and more enterprises, governments and organizations get it.

Blockchain Use Cases and Applications by Industry


join forces with Enterprise Ethereum Alliance
Pantheon becomes Hyperledger Besu – the first public chain client in Hyperledger
J.P. Morgan
– revealed massive Ethereum based banking network
– uses Ethereum to launch a ‘digital U.S. dollar’
– tracks inventory for auto dealers
– launched token-building kit to help businesses design and create the right sort of crypto tokens for their particular needs
– leverage the public Ethereum chain to make machine learning models more accessible
– built Enclave ready EVM (eEVM) – an open-source, standalone, embeddable, C++ implementation of the Ethereum Virtual Machine
– introduced Azure Heroes – a way to earn digital collectibles for meaningful impact in the technical community
– Kaleido plugs to the Microsoft Azure
– Kaleido plugs also to the AWS Marketplace
– provide a service to create and manage scalable blockchain networks
Google – building hybrid blockchain/cloud applications with Ethereum and Google Cloud
Cloudfare  – Released Ethereum Gateway to help users make the jump from general web-user to cryptocurrency native
Ernst & Young  – Developed and released a project designed to help corporate clients on Ethereum public network using zero knowledge proofs & ERC-721 standard
Fidelity Investments
– starts crypto unit to serve Wall Street customers
– tests Ethereum-based token to reward employees
– released a blockchain SDK for interacting with Ethereum
Samsung S10 wallet supports Ethereum, ERC-20 tokens and 4 DApps, also they are developing an Ethereum-based blockchain
HTC  – Decentraland to debut on HTC EXODUS 1
China Telecom – aim to develop a blockchain smartphones with support for Ethereum
– track coffee bean production
Starbucks and 30 000 retailers  accept payments in ether
Nike  – receives patent to tokenize shoes on Ethereum
komgo SA  – trade finance platform for commodities launched by leading industry institutions
VAKT  – platform for trading of physical commodities
AXA – launches Ethereum smart contract insurance product for flight delays
MetLife  – claims process of life insurance on public Ethereum
Morningstar  – putting it’s rating system on Ethereum
ING – develop library for creating and verifying zero-knowledge range proofs and set membership proofs
World Bank  – sells $50m AUD (~35m USD) in bonds on private Ethereum chain
Societe Generale  – issued the first covered bond (worth EUR 100m) as a security token on the public Ethereum network
Santander  – bank settles both sides of a $20 million bond trade on Ethereum
Deutsche Bank  – joins JPMorgan’s Interbank Information Network
South African Central Bank  – working on Project Khokha on wholesale payment system
Signature Bank  – launches a payments platform for institutional clients
Bank of Ireland and AIB  – pilot program for regulatory credential tracking
Commonwealth Bank – completes new blockchain-enabled global trade experiment
Dukascopy Bank – is developing its own Ethereum stablecoins
Krungthai Bank and Shwe Bank  – Thailand-Myanmar cross-border money transfer services for Myanmar workers
DocuSign  – document encryption program
Bayer  – collaborates on several BlockApps pilot projects
Airlines Reporting Corp  – reporting and settlement of airline ticket sales
Telefonica  – trial consumer data verification
WordPress  – launched a new publishing platform that will offer blockchain features
Aura  – product tracking consortium chain for the luxury industry from LVMH, ConsenSys and Microsoft
Cargo Community Network  – air cargo billing, costing and reconciliation system in Singapore
Levi Strauss  – workers well being pilot program at a factory in Mexico
Emaar Group  – aims to offer a community token for customers and partners
The Los Angeles Times  – signed-up as a verified Brave browser publisher
Forbes – you can use Ethereum-based Unlock Protocol to pay for Forbes articles using ETH
Thomson Reuters  – proof of concept on executing parts of legal contracts on Ethereum
EDF  – the fifth-largest electrical company is using an Ethereum DApp
IKEA  – settle an invoice to be paid using Ethereum-based digital Icelandic króna
Bosch  – wants to connect millions of cars, machines, buildings and things – and get them to pay each other
Österreichische Post  – Austrian post offices now sell crypto-stamps
Reddit  – to launch tokens for users to earn rewards for contributing content
Bofrost Italia  – tracing frozen foods in supply chain
Uber Health  – grants Ethereum startup access to entire American fleet
Etihad Airways  – explore using blockchain to distribute products and services
PwC  – big four auditing firm to explore a blockchain-based identity management in the UK’s financial sector
Leveller Media  – is using Ethereum to solve Hollywood’s diversity problem
Unstoppable Domains  – built its .crypto domains on Ethereum
Splunk  – Ethereum-based Burner Wallet helped an IT conference give $40,000 to charity
Anheuser-Busch InBev – aim to shake up digital advertising supply chains with the help of blockchain technology
Shell – invests in Ethereum hybrid that gives real power to the people
State Farm and USAA – tested technology to improve the processes around subrogation
Tradeshift – slashed cross-border transaction costs using Ethereum
Fatburger and others – feed $30 million into Ethereum for new bond offering
Toyota, Merck and others – joined industry group the Enterprise Ethereum Alliance

Public Blockchain is on the Horizon enterprise survey says 75% will use public chains (read: Ethereum) in the future
Why Businesses Will Learn to Love Public Ethereum  – by Hyperledger founder John Wolpert
If you Build a Blockchain, Will Anyone Come?  – public blockchains like Ethereum offer a better choice for enterprise users

Top 50 Billion-Dollar Companies Exploring Blockchain  – over half are working with Ethereum
Three Huge Names That Are Making Ethereum Their Platform of Choice  – the network is becoming the backbone of a series of blockchain-based billion-dollar projects
Enterprise Ethereum Alliance Collaborates with Microsoft and Othersto launch a new token development initiative
EEA memberslist of all members


Israel  – encrypted messaging system
Estonia  – electronic healthcare record trials
Japan  – e-voting system
Canada  – public transparency of government grants
Dubai  – 2020 initiative
Switzerland  – Zug uPort IDs + crypto ATMs
Philippines  – is connecting rural banks via a crypto-cash payment system
Chile  – track energy data
China  – Xiongan government aims to bring blockchain technology to Xi Jinping’s dream city
Singapore  – graduates from local schools will receive Ethereum-based digital certificates
Iceland  – it’s currency will be traded as e-money
Australia  – it’s government launched a gold-backed Ethereum token
Germany  – German banks may sell and store crypto, and existing exchanges must get licenses
Colorado government was a partner of ETHDenver Coference
Nevada issues almost 1 000 marriage certificates on Ethereum

Why Governments Need Blockchain how decentralized networks will protect our data, streamline processes, reduce corruption, and increase trust
Which Governments Are Using Blockchain Right Now?  – a comprehensive list of public sector blockchain experiments planned, in progress, or paused globally


United Nations  – expand blockchain testing to African supply chain
UNICEF  – launches cryptocurrency fund for open source solutions for children
Oxfam  – crop insurance for Sri Lankan farmers
Blockchain for Social Impact  – Oxfam, Sempo and ConsenSys join together in Vanuatu for direct transfers of humanitarian aid to citizens, rather than indirectly through leaky governments
WWF  – eam up ConsenSys to launch Impactio, a nonprofit funding platform

Social impact

Project Bifröst  – system that expedites and reduces the cost of delivering cash on the ground in crisis areas
Hala Systems  – airstrike early warning system for the people living in areas of Syria
The Bounty for Basura  – redesigning community impact systems to solve the Manila’s pollution problem

Other use cases

RAC  – Grammy-winning artist launch music distribution platform and tokenized cassette tape
FC Barcelona – sold Barça Fan Tokens
Sacramento Kings  – NBA Team was auctioning basketball star’s jersey on Ethereum blockchain
Spencer Dinwiddie  – Brooklyn Nets NBA player, is tokenizing 40% of his $34M 3-year contract
Star Trek  – open-universe PC/Mac game Crypto Space Commander utilizes the Ethereum blockchain to secure and validate ownership of all in-game items and their governance
Playstation 4 – a new game built around Ethereum is gearing up to launch on PS4
Grid+  – selling electricity in Texas and Singapore
Treum (formerly Viant)  – seafood supply chain end-to-end traceability
Winding Tree  – executed the first hotel booking on a public blockchain
Brickblock  – tokenized and sold a first property in Europe
RealT  – purchase-to-transfer system of property ownership
NASDAQ  – tokenization of stocks and ETFs
Paxos  – tokenization of gold
CEDEX  – tokenization of diamonds