What can you do with Ethereum?

There are many Ethereum-based applications, that you can use today and here you can find a few suggestions and usecases.

90+ Ethereum Apps You Can Use Right Now  – list of Ethereum DApps you can use right now

Decentralized Finance

DAI  – buy a stable cryptocurrency that holds value at $1 USD
Burner Wallet  – use a crypto point of sale system on your event
InstaDApp  – access decentralized finance to lend and earn algorithmic collateralized interest, borrow, leverage or swap crypto assets
OpenLaw  – build and manage your commercial relationships, e.g. tokenize services of your company
Roll – create your own social money, then distribute and redeem them
Sablier  – pay your employees continuously in ETH, DAI or your own token
RealT – buy tokenized property at the US real estate market
Nexus Mutual  – cover yourself against hacks and bugs in smart contracts
Augur  – speculate on the outcome of future events and win money in case of correct forecast
rDAI  – generate interest off your DAI using DeFi protocols and direct this interest to the accounts of your choice
rTrees – plant trees with your rDai
MyDefi  – visualize your DeFi activity in one place
Synthetix – buy and trade tokens that are pegged to different assets, including cryptocurrencies, fiat currencies, or gold and silver
Uniswap  – easily trade your ETH for other tokens or create a pool for your tokens
Set Protocol  – enhance your portfolio with automated asset management strategies


Aragon  – create and manage decentralized communities, companies, organizations
Status – private and secure communications on Ethereum
Cent  – participate on a social network where you earn money by posting
Peepeth  – post on immutable Twitter-like social network free of hateful posts
3Box  – create your social profile for Ethereum
FOAM  – create, curate and search a consensus-driven map
Ujo Music  – share your music or support musicians directly without a middlemen


OpenSea  – buy, sell and discover rare digital items
Origin Protocol  – create your own or discover other marketplaces
Decentraland  – build, explore, and earn money from your creations in a virtual world owned by users
RARE  – discover, collect & display or sell your own limited-edition digital art files
Cryptovoxels – buy land, build stores and art galleries in a virtual world


CryptoKitties  – collect and breed digital collectible cats
0xUniverse  – build spaceships, explore the galaxy, and colonize collectible planets
Gods Unchained  – play a competitive card game, trade and sell your collectible cards
Cryptowars  – play a strategy game, everything you obtained in-game, is really yours on the Ethereum blockchain
My Crypto Heroes – quests to find rare items, and battle against other players for rewards and fame


Brave browser  – earn by viewing privacy-respecting ads and reward your favourite content creators
Opera – use DApp browser with built-in Ethereum wallet
Bounties Network  – get paid for doing work in any sphere of activity or get accelerate your own project
Gitcoin  – join a network of incentivized open-source developers to get paid for solving bounties or place a bounty to build your own project
Unlock  – buy tickets to real-world events
Kleros  – become a juror and earn arbitration fees each time you rule on a dispute
Livepeer  – stream video, gaming, coding, entertainment, educational courses, and other types of content
Orchid – use decentralized VPN
PoolTogether  – join a no-loss lottery for a chance to win a prize
Pool DAI  – donate the interest from your cDai to a good cause


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