Whether you choose to become a developer or just a user of Ethereum, various explorers and utilities will provide you useful ecosystem informations and services.


Etherscan  – block explorer and analytics platform
Amberdata  – live monitoring, insights, blockchain data and smart contracts
Ethplorer  – block explorer providing token information and analytics
BlockScout  – blockchain explorer inspecting and analyzing EVM based blockchains
Alethio  – data, analytics & visualization platform
Ethernodes  – Ethereum network & node explorer
Ethereum Gas Station  – explorer of a gas prices, transaction confirmation times, and miner policies on the Ethereum network
Gitcoin Gas Station  – gas price history chart
ObservEth  – fast visual access to the information available on the open Ethereum ledger
State of the dApps  – curated directory of decentralized applications
DappReview  – DApp data, user insights and market analytics
DappRadar  – data (volume, DAU, etc) on decentralized applications
Loanscan  – Ethereum loan explorer providing financial information and analytics for debt issued on the Ethereum
DeFi Pulse  – decentralized finance’s tools tracked and ranked by value locked
DeFi Score  – open framework for evaluating DeFi protocols
DEXWatch  – decentralized exchanges explorer
Etherscan DEX Tracker –  decentralized exchanges explorer
DexIndex  – tool that searches Ethereum decentralized exchanges to find the best token prices
Pools.fyi  – find the best liquidity pools
OnChainFX  – cryptoasset network value, market cap, rankings and metrics
Frontrun me  – visualization of Ethereum gas auctions
ETHSimple  – view and renew .eth domains
Ethereum 2.0 Beacon Chain Explorer  – using Prysmatic’s client

Other utilities

Ethereum Name Service  – human-readable names instead of long addresses
Ethereum Alarm Clock  – scheduling of transactions for delayed execution in the future
Eth2  – send Ether to anyone simply by phone number or special link
Quidli  – enables you to issue real equity on security tokens to use as incentives to your employees and community members
MetaMask Plugin  – add crypto-based functionality to normal websites
Status Chat Widget  – easily embed a Status chat room in your website
Vac  – modular peer-to-peer messaging stack, with a focus on secure messaging
Enzypt  – buy and sell files through Ethereum and IPFS
Fairdrop  – decentralised, private and secure file transfer DApp running on Swarm
Atstake  – allows you to create two-person agreements, where one or both of you stake ETH or ERC20 tokens, which are later distributed in any way between you, based on any criteria
Signatorio  – sign, verify, and share messages signed with your Eth keys
Esence  – simple decentralized identity note taking application
ETHMail  – allows anyone to email anyone who has used Ethereum
Cryptoraves  – tokens that you can Tweet for free to grow your online credibility
Almonit – search engine for the decentralized web
FindEth  – find your lost Ether or address
EthSites  – upload your website to a censorship-resistant registry of websites stored on the Ethereum blockchain
Pinata  – how to easily host your website on IPFS
tBTC  – deposit your Bitcoin and mint Bitcoin tokens on Ethereum without a middleman or KYC
Synthetic Token Builder  – create tokens that track the price of anything
Wrapped Kitties  – make your ERC-721 into ERC-20
POAP  – proof-of-attendance protocol for issuing and displaying cool NFT crypto-badges
Vocdoni  – app for anonymous, onchain voting
MetaFactory – crowdfunding platform for the creation of community-owned brands with an initial focus on fashion/apparel
Ethereum.World  – an interface that accelerates the adoption of Ethereum apps
Gitcoin Grants  – support exciting projects with a recurring subscription funding
Assemble – support the projects you care most about as a funder
CodeFund  – display ethical ads on developer websites to fund contributors of the open source ecosystem
Lexon  – human readable program language instead of Ethereum code, that allows you to write agreements and business logic into smart contracts
Build it  – a small selection of inspiring projects that come out of ETHGlobal hackathons
Ethereum hackathons  – browse projects submissions from Ethereum hackathons
ConcourseQ  – community-sourced due diligence for token sales
Gitcoin Quests  – gamified web3 learning
Coinbase Earn  – earn crypto while learning about crypto
Swash  – browser extension that enables you to sell your browser data and earn Streamr’s DATA token