Use DApps

There are many Ethereum-based applications (DApps), that you can use today and here you can find a few suggestions and usecases.
Start benefit from their unique features right now.

In general, you will be asked to connect your wallet in order to use DApps.

– access decentralized finance to lend, borrow, leverage or swap crypto assets
– it makes transactions easier by rolling several services into a single easy-to-use dashboard

 – easily and automatically trade your ETH for other ERC20 tokens
– create a pool for your own tokens

– buy and trade tokens that are pegged to different assets such as gold, Bitcoin, U.S. Dollars, TESLA, and AAPL

  • Social

– create and manage decentralized companies, organizations or communities (DAOs)
– they wil be global, censorship resistant, transparent, bureaucracy-free and customizable

– create your social profile for Ethereum
– provide all-in-one sign-in to Ethereum, identity and reputation, and personal cloud storage

– chat, browse DApps or transact privately and securely

  • Marketplaces

– buy, sell, and discover exclusive digital assets like Gods Unchained CardsENS namesCryptoKittiesDecentraland land and other

– enter a virtual world where you can build and explore 3D creations, play games and socialize

  • Games

– collect and breed digital collectible cats, buy & sell them with a community and other
– each cat is one-of-a-kind and 100% owned by you; it cannot be replicated, taken away, or destroyed

– build spaceships, explore the galaxy, and colonize collectible planets

  • Miscellaneous

– install secure, fast & private web and mobile browser integrated with BAT and ERC-20 tokens
– earn by viewing privacy-respecting ads and reward your favourite content creators

Bounties Network
– get paid for doing work in any sphere of activity or get accelerate your own project

– join a no-loss lottery for a chance to win a prize or send a ticket to your friends
– all the deposited DAI in the pool earn interest, so the prizes are funded solely by the interest earned

– become a juror and earn arbitration fees each time you rule on a dispute

For more usecases please follow here.