Online and wallet security

How to Store Digital Assets on Ethereum  – everything you need to know about wallets, seed phrases, exchanges, and security when engaging with cryptocurrency and digital assets

10 Best Things You Can Do to Not Lose Your Crypto

MyCrypto’s Security Guide  – how to be safe in the crypto world and the online world in general

How to protect your ETH walletlearn how to manage your wallet permissions to protect yourself from hacks & exploits

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Differences Between Wallet Types (e.g., Private Key vs Keystore)  – there are different formats and ways of storing your private key
A cryptocurrency wallet is not a wallet!  – short explainer to understand important aspects of blockchain and cryptocurrencies
The Most Expensive Lesson Of My Life  – details of SIM port hack
What To Do When SIM-Swapping Happens To You  – how to protect yourself from a SIM hijack, deal with an attack as it happens, and recover afterwards
CryptoScamDB  – open-source dataset to track malicious URLs and their associated addresses