Run your own Business

Use these solutions to set up and run your own business / project on Ethereum.

Why should your business go bankless?

Create Wallet

  • Self-custody bank
    Multiscrypto-first business banking
    Gnosis Safe Multisigconfirm transactions by requiring multiple signatures

Use DApps

  • Tokenization
    OpenLaw  – build and manage your legal commercial relationships, e.g. tokenize services of your company
    Aragoncreate and manage your decentralized company or organization (DAO)

How to create a bankless DAO?

  • Payments
    Coinbase Commerce  – accept payments in ETH / DAI in your app or website
    Stablepaysend and receive payments converted to DAI

How to accept crypto payments?

  • Taxes
    – learn how to record your crypto for taxes here


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