There are many social channels and communities to join and participate. Also many quality news outlet reporting about Ethereum and the decentralization of the web. Check them out or follow us on the social page for the most important news articles of the day.


/r/Ethereum – most news about Ethereum can be found here daily
/r/EthTrader – Ether price and trading discussions
/r/EthFinance – forked community for daily general discussions
/r/EthDev – discussions about Ethereum development
/r/EthereumNoobies – educational subreddit for all your questions about the basics of Ethereum, Ether trading, and other related topics
/r/EtherMining – discussion of mining the cryptocurrency Ethereum
/r/EthLaw – links and discussions about Ethereum’s relationship with traditional legal systems, as well as new forms of contracts and law
/r/EthCulture – links to art projects, images, and videos
/r/ConsenSys ConsenSys happenings and projects discussions


Into the Ether  – EthHub weekly recap covering topics from their newsletter
The Crypto News Podcast – Talking about the latest in crypto news with the biggest names in blockchain
Epicenter  – Bitcoin and cryptocurrency news stories
Unchained  – no-hype resource for all things crypto
Dose of Ether  – Ethereum news podcast on The Bitcoin Podcast Network
Unconfirmed  – insights and analysis from the top minds in crypto


Week In Ethereum – newsletter by Evan Van Ness
EthHub Weekly Newsletter – about Ethereum and the wider crypto ecosystem
Bankless – the ultimate guide to open finance
The Defiant – a daily newsletter decrypting the intersection of blockchain and finance
Blockchain Tech Without The Bull – weekly dose of blockchain reality for builders and technologists
What’s New in Eth2 – a regular newsletter about ETH 2.0 development
Chain Letter – blockchains, cryptocurrencies, and why they matter by MIT Technology
Messari – daily insights, market data, and research for crypto professionals

Social media and blogs

Who to follow on Twitter  – lists of influential people in crypto communities
40 Twitter Accounts That Really Matter  – cryptoTwitter as an arena for meaningful engagement
Official Ethereum blog  – by the Ethereum Foundation
Vitalik Buterin  – Ethereum Founder
Vlad Zamfir  – Ethereum Core Developer
Evan Van Ness  – author of Week in Ethereum newsletter
ConsenSys  – blog of the Ethereum powerhouse ConsenSys
Linda Xie   – great opinioned summaries


Ethereum Community – learn how to get involved and contribute based on your skills and professional background
Ethereum Community and its Ecosystem  – networks visualisation analysis
Ethereum Core Maintainers  – who’s maintaining core of Ethereum and communities?
What is an Ethereum core developer?
Ethereum on Gitter  – Ethereum chat rooms for developers
List of Ethereum Public Calls  – most news about Ethereum can be found here daily
EIPs  – the Ethereum improvement proposal repository
Tennagraph  – signal aggregator, that represents consensus among stakeholders on EIPs and community issues through the collection of on-chain and off-chain signals
Ethereum Research Forum  – a semi-public forum for participating in Ethereum’s research efforts
Fellowship of Ethereum Magicians  – a self-organized Ethereum community to maximize technical opportunities, share ideas, and work together
Etherean  – community interested in the intersection of humanity and technology, social, political, and economic impact of a new technology and ideas
Ethereum Forum  – discussions about Ethereum mining and mining pools
DGOV  – discussions about Ethereum governance
ETHSecurity  – open and collaborative community to signal and educate others on best practices for Ethereum security
Plasma Layer 2 Forum  – community forum for layer 2 & plapp development
Zeppelin Community Forum  – connects experts, beginners, and enthusiasts of smart contract and decentralized app development to help each other, get support, learn, and discuss security, design patterns, and best practices
EthHub  – independent and open-source initiative to provide a single source for essential Ethereum information
Ethereum Cat Herders  – a community to support Ethereum developer teams by coordinating hard forks, monitoring EIPs, creating PM processes and retroactive reports and other
MetaCartel  – community alliance that coordinates together to solve shared product development problems on the Ethereum application layer
Concourse Open Community  – an open community of builders, enthusiasts and researchers working towards a free, bountiful and decentralized future for all humans
DappHub  – self-organizing network of logicians, researchers, designers and developers spread out across the globe
Giveth  – open-source platform for building decentralized altruistic communities
Commons Stack – initiative building commons-based microeconomies to sustain public goods through a library of open-source web3 components
Ethereum Community Series  – place where people share their stories, opinions, and contributions to the Ethereum ecosystem
ETHGlobal  – a community initiative, that helps run hackathons all over the world
BUIDL Network  – a chain of global meetups, hosted by BUIDL Ambassadors that focus on blockchain education, DApp & infrastructure development
Ethereum meetups around the world  – every meetup is welcoming and happy to help, as you can read in our blog
3Box Followers  – discover and follow Ethereum users on web 3
How could you contribute?  – use your skill to help Ethereum grow


MolochDAO  – experimental, decentralized grant-making organization seeking to overcome the tragedy of the commons afflicting core protocol development
dxDAO  – community-governed experimental decentralized autonomous organization for community governance of software protocols
Humanity DAO  – experiment in unique identity, governance, and Universal Basic Income
Marketing DAO  – DAO that aims to surface, fund, and execute the right marketing efforts to benefit Ethereum and its thriving ecosystem
1Hive  – DAO working to grow the open source commons by contributing to research, development, and documentation related to open source sustainability
LAO  – limited liability for-profit DAO, that enables members to invest in Ethereum new ventures and generate a profit
OpenLaw DAO  – enable the creation and deployment of legally compliant ‘limited liability DAO’ in minutes
Democracy Earth – DAO explorer
Deep DAO – analyzing all DAO platforms
Aragon DAO explorer  – explore and search Aragon DAOs
Alchemy  – interface for DAOs built on DAOstack
DAOHaus  – easy way to find, join and launch Moloch DAOs
DAO Metrics  – tracks various metrics for DAOs
DAOtalk  – discussions about DAOs
DAOcast  – series of podcast-style interviews with DAO researchers, developers and enthusiasts
DAOfest  – event series focused on advancing the technology and adoption of decentralized governance globally
How to launch a DAO  – what it takes to launch a (Moloch forked) DAO?
GDPR and DAOs – right to be forgotten

News sites

Kauri  – articles, tutorials, documentation and best practices for Ethereum developers
Messari  – research, news, metrics and live data for crypto
Decrypt  – essential journalism and analysis for the adoption of blockchain
The Block  – source for all things pertaining to blockchain and crypto
Blockchain Library  – deep repository of open-source digital resources, source lists, and data for researchers and developers
ETHNews  – news of everything blockchain, Ethereum, and the internet
Coindesk  – the latest news, prices, charts, guides and analysis in Bitcoin, crypto and blockchain tech
Cointelegraph  – high-tech finance, Bitcoin and blockchain news, analysis and review