Cheat sheet to the most frequent critical questions.

Decentralization of Ethereum

Ethereum isn’t Decentralizedand other myths
Measuring Blockchain Decentralization  – an approach to quantifying decentralization of the Ethereum network over time
Ethereum Governance  – overview of the different layers of governance that applies to Ethereum
Degrees of architectural (de)centralization  – to Infura and beyond
Where Ethereum Is Going  – changes on Ethereum Foundation and ecosystem from an insider’s perspective
Leadership  – Istanbul hard fork happened without an involvement of Vitalik Buterin
Who’s holding all the Ether?

Value of Ether

Why Ether Will Achieve Money Statusrespond to a common criticisms of Ethereum
Why Ether is Valuable  – why Ether has value for substantially more reasons than just being used to pay transaction fees on the Ethereum
Is Ethereum more expensive to use as price rises?  – an explanation why Ethereum fee market is independent of fiat prices
Ether is money  – reasons why Ether is valuable
Ether Is the best model for money the world has ever seen  – how Ethereum is creating a new Internet of value and how each piece fits together, with Ether as the key gear making it all work
ETH the Reserve Asset economic bandwidth & why Ether is the only option for trustless value

Utilization of Ethereum

The Year in Ethereum  – a comprehensive look at the year 2019 in Ethereum
The State of the Ethereum Network: 2019  – a look at the Ethereum network and crypto community in 2019
Measuring of Ethereum active users  – explained why daily active users or transactions per second are bad measurement metrics
Ethereum Can Scale  – don’t believe the FUD

DAO hard fork

The Story of the DAO  – its history and consequences
Reflects on Lessons from The DAO  – by Vitalik Buterin

Transition to Ethereum 2.0

Eth2 Misconceptionstop 5
Eth 1.0 to 2.0 Migration  – two important factors to consider – the need to migrate existing ether over and transition the state of the chain over
Ethereum 2.0 Reddit AMA  – a few of the Ethereum 2.0 researchers answered questions about Eth2.0
Ethereum 2.0’s Latest Strides Forward  – succinct current state of Ethereum 2.0 in prose
The eth1 -> eth2 transition  – the user experience, by Vitalik Buterin


An Overview of the State of the Blockchain Ecosystem  – why Ethereum will become the global settlement layer
Ethereum’s roadmap isn’t ambitious enough  – doubts and believes of Rick Dudley
Crypto developer report  – Ethereum has 4x the developers of Bitcoin at the protocol level, not even counting Ethereum’s magnitudes of lead at the app level
Enterprise Blockchain Protocols  – technical analysis of Ethereum vs Fabric vs Corda
Blockchain projects as collaboratorsecosystem is a very collaborative


Is Ethereum over 1TB in size?  – explained confusion around running a full Ethereum node
Are Ethereum Full Nodes Really Full?  – an experiment
Empirically Analyzing Ethereum’s Gas Mechanism  – paper analyzing Eth’s gas prices, which largely mirrors the upcoming Istanbul gas repricing
Active Nodes  – global rankings of 33 live blockchains

Decentralized Finance

DeFi dependencies and how hard it is to build on Ethereum  – brief responses to the critiques
Addressing popular MakerDAO criticisms  – a piece that seeks to address some of the misunderstandings
How Decentralized is Decentralized Finance  – decentralization ‘gold standards’, and common design trade offs
Cross-shard DeFi composability  – argues about the ability of different applications to easily talk to each other in Ethereum 2.0
How DeFi cannibalizes PoS securityif a PoS protocol wants to remain secure in perpetuity, it must have adaptive monetary policy


A clear path for Ethereum  – analysing Ethereum’s timeline from business and legal perspectives
U.S. Commodity Futures Trading Commission  – chairman of the CFTC said, that Ether is a commodity
The Legal and Regulatory Framework of Blockchains and Smart Contracts  – article that recaps the EU Blockchain Observatory & Forum’s most recent paper
Three Cryptocurrency Regulation Themes For 2020and the flawed premises behind them


Hard Problems in Cryptocurrency  – summary by Vitalik Buterin, 2019
Ethereum FAQ  – on EthHub
Misconceptions  – the 6 biggest misconceptions about blockchain and cryptocurrency
Throughput  – analysis of post-Istanbul Ethereum throughput limits with rollup
Hashrate  – misleadings of a faltering Ethereum’s hashrate
Open Source FundingGitcoin, controversy and the future of open source funding
Proof-of-Work vs Proof-of-StakePoS is less wasteful
Adoption  – the future of finance according to banks and institutions
Fiat vs crypto  – Deutsche Bank says crypto could replace cash by 2030
Quantum Computing  – insights on quantum computing, its potential risk for Ethereum, and the efforts underway to standardize quantum-resistant public-key cryptographic algorithms
How Not To Critique Ethereum a handy guide for Bitcoiners
There Are Still a Few Good Reasons to Trust Blockchain  – why cryptocurrencies are usefull