Developer Tools

There are tons of frameworks, tools and resources that will help you create your very own first ÐApp.

Smart contracts are executed in the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM), which runs on every full Ethereum node. The most contracts are written in Solidity, and frameworks like Truffle, Embark or Dapp simplify the creation.

Ethereum Developer Portal  – place to get started and find the tools you need to develop and build applications on Ethereum
Developer Tools  – a guide to the available tools, components, patterns, and platforms for developing applications on Ethereum
Ethereum UX Tools  – the ultimate guide

Ethereum 2.0 Tooling


Truffle  – smart contract development, testing, and deployment framework
Embark  – framework to develop and deploy DApps
Dapp  – framework for DApp development, successor to DApple
Waffle  – framework for advanced smart contract development and testing (based on ethers.js)
Etherlime  – ethers.js based framework for Dapp deployment
Hardhat  – smart contract development tool to bring together the tools you want
Scaffold ETH –  everything you need to get started building decentralized applications
Parasol  – smart contract development environment with testing, Infura deployment, automatic contract documentation and more
0xcert  – JavaScript framework for building decentralized applications
Brownie  – Python framework for testing, deploying and interacting with Ethereum smart contracts
Web3 React  – drop in solution for building Ethereum DApps in React with support for all the web3 providers
Plasma Chamber  – DApps development framework that guarantees security, scalability, and usability utilizing Plasma technology
Cobra  – a fast, flexible and simple development environment framework for Ethereum smart contract, testing and deployment on Ethereum virtual machine (EVM)

Patterns and popular libraries

Dappsys  – collection of smart contract building blocks designed to complement each other
OpenZeppelin Contracts  – an open framework of reusable and secure smart contracts in the Solidity language
OpenZeppelin SDK  – develop, deploy and operate any smart contract DApp
OpenZeppelin Starter Kits  – develop easily your DApp by using tools from React to Solidity in one box
AragonSDK  – a smart contract framework for building DAOs, DApps and protocols, including UI and API
ARC  – an operating system for DAOs and the base layer of the DAO stack
0x  – DEX protocol
0x Launch Kit  – launch your own exchange or marketplace in minutes
Hydro SDK  – launch your own decentralized exchange in minutes
Uniswap SDK  – integrate Uniswap exchange into your project
CryptoFin Solidity  – a collection of Solidity libraries for building secure and gas-efficient smart contracts
Modular Libraries  – a group of packages built for use on blockchains utilizing the Ethereum Virtual Machine
Trust Wallet Core  – an open-source cross-platform cross-blockchain wallet library
3box-js  – JavaScript client library for 3Box, that provides APIs for profiles, storage and messaging
Provable API  – provides contracts for using the Provable (former Oraclize) service, allowing for off-chain actions, data-fetching, and computation
Chainlink  – connect your smart contracts to real world data, events and payments

IDEs – Integrated Developer Environments

Remix  – web IDE with built in static analysis, test blockchain VM
Remix-app  – Ethereum Remix Solidity IDE, electron edition
EthFiddle  – IDE that allows you to write, compile and debug your smart contract
Superblocks Lab  – web IDE to learn, build and deploy decentralized apps (DApps)
Atom  – Atom editor with Atom Solidity Linter, Etheratom, autocomplete-solidity, and language-solidity packages
Instant Dapp IDE  – complete Dapp and Solidity development environment as docker image you can run from command line
Visual Studio Code  – Visual Studio Code extension that adds support for Solidity
Terminal  – develop, test, and manage Ethereum artifacts and infrastructure in a unified workspace
YAKINDU Solidity Tools  – Eclipse based IDE for Ethereum / Solidity based smart contracts
Solidity IDE  – a simple alternative to Remix IDE, working with Vue.js and Ganache
Play  – simplified Remix for beginners
Ethereum Studio  – a beginner friendly IDE that lets any visitor to get started building within minutes
Typescript Solidity Dev Starter Kit  – starter kit for smart contract development using Typescript

Test networks

Ganache  – App for test Ethereum blockchain with visual UI and logs, that also allows to run a local fork of the Ethereum mainnet
Cliquebait  – test your DApps in testing environment that closely resembles a real blockchain network
Local Raiden  – run a local Raiden network in docker containers for demo and testing purposes
Kaleido  – spin up a consortium blockchain network for PoCs and testing purposes
Pantheon Private Network  – run a private network of Pantheon nodes in a Docker container
Ethereum on Azure  – deployment and governance of consortium Ethereum PoA networks
getho  – DApp development platform including PoA private blockchain and smart contract testing tool

Testing tools

Solidity code coverage  – Solidity code coverage tool
Solidity function profiler  – Solidity contract function profiler
Sol-profiler  – alternative and updated Solidity smart contract profiler
Espresso  – speedy, parallelised, hot-reloading solidity test framework
Eth tester  – tool suite for testing Ethereum applications
Hevm  – an implementation of the EVM made for unit testing and debugging smart contracts
Ethereum graph debugger  – Solidity graphical debugger
Tenderly CLI  – speed up your development with human readable stack traces
Doppelgänger  – a library for mocking smart contract dependencies during unit testing
rocketh  – a simple lib to test smart contract that allows to use whatever web3 lib and test runner you choose
Whiteblock  – end-to-end development sandbox and testing platform for P2P distributed systems
Solhint  – Solidity linter that provides security, style guide and best practice rules for smart contract validation
Vertigo  – mutation testing for Ethereum smart contracts

Security tools

OpenZeppelin Defender – security operations platform with built-in best practices
MythX  – security verification platform and tools ecosystem for Ethereum developers
Securify  – security scanner for Ethereum smart contracts
Oyente  – alternative static smart contract security analysis
Hydra  – framework for cryptoeconomic contract security, decentralised security bounties
Solgraph  – visualise Solidity control flow for smart contract security analysis
SmartCheck  – static smart contract security analyzer for Solidity and Vyper
Manticore  – symbolic execution tool on smart contracts and binaries
Slither  – a Solidity static analysis framework
Octopus  – security analysis tool for WebAssembly module and smart contracts
Echidna  – fuzzer for Ethereum software,that uses property testing to generate malicious inputs that break smart contracts
Maian  – automatic tool for finding trace vulnerabilities in smart contracts
KLab  – tool for generating and debugging K-framework reachability proofs, tailored for formal verification of ethereum smart contracts
VerX  – full functional verification for Ethereum smart contracts
VeriSol  – formal verifier and analysis tool for Solidity smart contracts developed by Microsoft

Privacy tools

AZTEC Protocol  – zero-knowledge privacy protocol
Nightfall  – protocols for private transactions on the Ethereum public blockchain using zk-SNARKs, developed by EY
ZoKrates  – toolbox for zkSNARKS on Ethereum
libSTARK  – C++ library for ZK-STARK systems
ZEXE  – Rust library for decentralized private computation
Go-SNARK  – zkSNARK library implementation in Go
snarkjs  – zkSNARK implementation in JavaScript
genSTARK  – library for generating zk-STARKs
websnark  – zkSNARK proof generator written in native Web Assembly
circom  – circuit compiler for zkSNARKs
Semaphore  – zero-knowledge signaling
ZeroPool  – anonymous multi-asset pool
Private Auction  – private blind auctions using Aztec and Torus
Franklin  – ZK Rollup – commit-chain driven by SNARKs
OpenZKP  – fully open-source Rust implementation of zero-knowledge proofs
ZK Sync  – trustless scaling and privacy solution for Ethereum based on ZK Rollup
Zether  – private payment system for Ethereum-based blockchains, developed by JP Morgan


IPFS  – InterPlanetary File System is a decentralized storage and file referencing system for Ethereum
Swarm  – a distributed storage platform and content distribution service for the Ethereum web3 stack
OrbitDB  – a decentralized peer to peer database on top of IPFS

APIs – Frontend

Web3.js  – Javascript Web3
Eth.js  – Javascript Web3 alternative
Ethers.js  – Javascript (and TypeScript) Web3 alternative, useful utilities and wallet features
Web3Wrapper  – Typescript Web3 alternative
Ethereumjs  – collection of utility functions for Ethereum like ethereumjs-util and ethereumjs-tx
Web3Wrapper  – Typescript Web3 alternative
Nethereum  – cross-platform Ethereum development framework
Drizzle  – Redux library to connect a frontend to a blockchain
Web3 React  – drop-in solution for building Ethereum DApps in React
Vortex  – DApp redux store that handles transactions, smart contracts, events, accounts, method calls, web3 status, IPFS fetching, etc
Tasit SDK  – JavaScript SDK for making native mobile Ethereum dapps using React Native
EthQL –  GraphQL interface to Ethereum

APIs – Backend

Infura  – the Ethereum API as a service
Cloudflare  – simplify access to both the Ethereum network and the InterPlanetary File System (IPFS)
Nodesmith  – API for Ethereum’s JSON RPC
Web3j  – Java Web3
Nethereum  – .Net Web3  – Python Web3
pyethereum  – Python core library of the Ethereum project
Machinomy  – Node.js library for micropayments in Ether and ERC20 tokens over HTTP
Eventeum  – a bridge between Ethereum smart contract events and backend microservices, written in Java
Ewasm Rust API  – Ewasm API for Rust


Geth  – Ethereum client developed in Go
OpenEthereum  – Rust client
ethereumJS  – Javascript client using ethereumjs-vm
Ethereumj  – Java client by the Ethereum Foundation
Besu (Pantheon)  – Java client by PegaSys
Pyethapp  – Python client using pyethereum
Trinity  – Python client using py-evm
Aleth  – C++ client
Nethermind  – .NET client and p2p data marketplace
Mustekala  – Ethereum light client project of Metamask
Ethereum Blockchain Light Clients  – a primer

Medalla – ETH 2.0 Testnet

Key management tools

Abridged  – allows you to easily add Web 3 components into an existing app – from crypto payments to blockchain-secured game state and everything in between
Fortmatic  – build web3 DApps without extensions or downloads
Universal Login  – design pattern for storing funds and connecting to Ethereum applications
Hedgehog  – Metamask alternative, that allows you to build DApps like Apps
Authereum  – fully non-custodial login process that utilizes ENS and web 2.0 style security to enable an users-friendly onboarding experience
Torus  – gateway to the decentralized ecosystem via Google or Facebook OAuth logins
Bitski  – let access users to your DApp just by using an email and password
Squarelink  – alternative to MetaMask that enables users to interact with ÐApps from any device or browser with just an email and password

Other tools

Truffle Box  – set of Truffle + Webpack + React Boilerplates
Chainstack  – Ethereum mainnet and Ropsten node deployment
The Graph  – a protocol for indexing Ethereum and IPFS data and querying it using GraphQL
Sūrya  – utility tool for smart contract systems, offering a number of visual outputs and information about the contract’s structure
TypeChain  – Typescript bindings for Ethereum smart contracts
QuickBlocks  – collection of software libraries, applications, and command-line tools designed to give you quick access to the data provided by an Ethereum node
Ethereum Grid  – desktop application that allows you to securely download, configure and use various clients and tools in the Ethereum ecosystem
Rimble Design System  – adaptable components and design standards for decentralized applications
Lorikeet  – design system with React components, UI/UX guidelines and motion tools for building interfaces
Blocknative  – embeddable widgets to enhance your DApp’s user experience
Dapparatus  – reusable DApp components in React: contract loader, metamask, gas, transaction ui, event parers, etc
Ethvtx  – all the tools to build an efficient Redux store for your DApp
Mosaic  – set of meta-blockchains on top of Ethereum to scale DApps
Fabrx  – connect your platform to the decentralized web
Pocket  – provides a trustless API Layer, allowing easy access to any blockchain
XRouter  – allows DApps to interact with other blockchains
Purser  – JavaScript universal wallet tool for Ethereum-based wallets
WalletConnect  – open protocol for connecting desktop DApps to mobile wallets using end-to-end encryption by scanning a QR code
Web3Connect  – React component to connect to multiple wallets using web3 providers
Zabo  – API to connect any crypto wallet to any application in a few lines of code
Gas Station Network  – onboarding solution for your DApp, allowing that users are no longer required to install browser extensions, or buy Ether in order to use your DApp
Linkdrop  – onboard a crypto noobs with a link or QR code that gives them the asset after they download a wallet
sbt-ethereum  – deployment and development tool for Scala tools and apps
Shadowlands  – DApp platform and Ethereum terminal, that allows you to create CLI DApps without the web
Radicle  – peer-to-peer stack for code collaboration, decentralized alternative to Github built on IPFS  – search engine for Solidity source code enabling to quickly find and verify source code of smart contracts
3Box Plugins  – add 3Box APIs (identity, profiles, storage, messaging) to your app
Vac  – modular peer-to-peer messaging stack, with a focus on secure messaging
Dagger  – engine to get realtime Ethereum events
Eth-owl  – watch any Ethereum address and receive real-time callbaks to your webhooks (or emails) for each incoming/outgoing transaction
Radar Deploy  – platform that makes it simple for developers to spin up Bitcoin and Ethereum nodes, ensure reliability, scale their applications, and customize their infrastructure to suit their needs
dfuse  – search API for Ethereum allowing to search and retrieve data in a single stream from the entire transaction history of the blockchain with a simple query language
Dune Analytics  – all-in-one destination to query, visualise, share and explore human readable smart contract data
Defire  – an API for DeFi – integrate your bussiness to the open finance world
Lexon  – human readable program language instead of Ethereum code, that allows you to write agreements and business logic into smart contracts
Simple Serialize  – glimpse of what can be acheived in the web for Ethereum 2.0


ArchiveNode – open access Ethereum archive node
Ethereum Ecosystem Support Program  – provide both financial and non-financial support to projects and entities within the greater Ethereum community, in order to accelerate the growth of the ecosystem
Gitcoin Grants  – get recurring cashflow for your project
ConsenSys Grants – funding for open source Ethereum projects
Fairmint – Get financing for your project continuously with a simple “Invest now” button
Assemble – connects project creators with a growing community to get the funding they need for their web3 work
CryptoUnlocked  – share your project idea with the world and receive the funding needed for your idea
Unlock Donations  – easily add a sponsorship button to your Github repository
Automated Convertible Note  – OpenLaw-based document generator to help startups raise capital with customizable market standard terms and optional digital token provisions
#BUIDL Explorer  – help you get started and find the right open-source Ethereum projects to contribute to
Ethereum Branding Kit  – show off that your products and services are built on Ethereum
Ethereum Bounties  – get paid for solving open challenges or bounties
Gitcoin – get paid for your open-source contributions
Bounties Network – get paid for everything from freelance work, to grassroots social action, to everything in between
Upwork – find Ethereum-related freelance jobs
1 Million Developers  – ecosystem initiative to inspire one million blockchain developers, technologists, and hackers to see how their skills can be applied to writing smart contracts and developing applications on the Ethereum network
ETHOnline  – online hackathon series from ETHGlobal
Ultimate Ethereum Hackathon Survival Guide for 2020 everything you need to know for your next Ethereum hackathon
Delegate call  – questions & answers site
Ethereum Stack Exchange  – get answers for all your Ethereum questions
Web3 Business Models in the Wild  – few top business models currently used among DApps to help you get started on a path to monetization and sustainability
Ethereum Blockchain and Dapp Developer Job Kit  – jobs in blockchain and crypto are booming — get involved


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