Answers to the 40 Most Asked Questions about Blockchainfundamentals, Bitcoin, Ethereum, mining – all explained
Making Sense of Web 3  – Web 3 vision in clear, simple terms
Web3 Business Models  – mapping deep a territory of web3 business models
How to Learn About Blockchain If You Didn’t Study Computer Science  – 3 essential tips to get you up to speed on blockchain and decentralized technology
The Future History of the Open Internet  – in a world that can feel hopeless, the Ethereum community is a shelling point for the hopeful

Basics and overviews

Ethereum Website  – official site
Ethereum Explained  – illustrated beginner’s guide
Ethereum Article  – on Wikipedia
What is Ethereum?  – crowdsourced overview of Ethereum
Understanding Ethereum  – educational portal of district0x
Absolute Beginner Introduction to Ethereum  – beginners guide to the Ethereum ecosystem
What is Ethereum?understanding how does Ethereum work
Ethereum Under A Microscopehigh-level overview of Ethereum
Ethereum 101  – high level overview of all things Ethereum
How does Ethereum work, anyway?  – how it functions at a technical level, without complex math
Ethereum is game-changing technology, literally  – Ethereum enables powerful economic vehicles we don’t yet understand
Ethereum Governance  – overview of the different layers of governance that applies to Ethereum

Videos and podcasts

What is blockchain?  – simply explained
Blockchain Explained  – in this eight-part series the Co-founder of Ethereum, Joseph Lubin talks about key concepts in blockchain
Ethereum, the world computer  – how the internet will work in the future
Decentralizing Everything  – by Vitalik Buterin
Ethereum in 25 minutes  – by Vitalik Buterin
What is Ether and Ethereum  – learn about how Ether is created, how you can earn Ether, and the Ethereum network as decentralized network
Podcast ‘Current and future state of Ethereum’  – by Vitalik Buterin
Ethereum 2.0 & new Beacon Chain launch  – fundamental analysis
2019 in retrospectiveand the year ahead in Ethereum
Videos from Ethereum DevCon conferences, calls, meetings and other  – by Ethereum Foundation