Apps vs. DApps

Unlike classical Apps <=> DApps are:

  • censorship resistant
    => everyone with internet connection has an access to Ethereum’s open financial system
  • transparent – any DApp’s operation can not be removed and anyone can view and verify it
    => gives you more control over the stored data
  • storing valuecryptocurrency and payments are built in DApps
    => no need for bank account connection
  • private – allow users to own their data
    => don’t spy and steal from you
  • open source – allow users to view and verify the DApp’s code on both the frontend and backend
    => no sketchy “allow us to use your location”, unless otherwise stated
  • autonomous – DApps automatically act by the rules encoded into them
    => no room for outside corruption
  • secure – data and protocols are stored on the blockchain cryptographically
    => no hacks, if it is coded properly
  • 100% uptime – the blockchain is always running, meaning zero downtime for DApps
    => no crashes
  • synergic – DApps integrate with each other more easily
    => could provide increased possibilities and more accessible services
  • built on Ethereum – neutral, open-access infrastructure, maintained and improved by Ethereum community
    => no control of centralized company or single person