The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Ethereum Blockchain

new website

This website is being rebuilt from scratch, with new guides for users and developers, new resources to guide you through the Ethereum ecosystem, and many useful tools to interact with the Ethereum blockchain and its awesome community.

in the meantime

While we are building the new website, you can check ou the equally awesome website of the Ethereum foundation, or follow us on Twitter or LinkedIn for the latest Ethereum and blockchain news.

ongoing projects

Web3bridge is a project to build up and grow the Ethereum developer comunity in Nigeria and whole Africa, by identifing passionate coders, engaging and training them in a collaborative and supportive remote environment and by creating an African web3 community.

Study on Gender Discrimination in Blockchain

In December 2020 we asked people about gender discrimination and inequalities they experienced while working in the blockchain industry, then correlated the answers to their general well-being, their job satisfaction and the male-to-female ratio in the company or department they work in.

Stay tuned for the results.